Thursday, August 16, 2007

good cuz good cause

so a good friend of mine's boyfriend has started a great time.. check it out.. and do something good for the day..

The United Nations has said that the situation in Darfur is "the world's worst humanitarian crisis." Since the conflict began in 2003, more than 2.5 million people have been forced to leave their homes. Established in 1990, Relief International has since donated more than $32 million to critical situations around the world. Relief International currently operates an extensive operation that has benefits thousands of people in Darfur. In 2006, the medical clinic in Darfur's second largest refugee camp Zam Zam nearly closed, but Relief International intervened and took over all costs and operations. Today, Relief International provides medical treatment to hundreds of patients every day at their several medical clinics throughout Darfur. Relief International also provides the necessary funds for young children to receive an education. Although it might cost little in American dollars to pay for a child's education, it is an insurmountable sum of money for most of these families to pay. To learn more about Relief International please visit their website at

We wholeheartedly need every person to help achieve our goal to sell 50,000 bracelets to improve the lives in Darfur. When you purchase Relief Beads you are directly improving another person's life. It is our hope that Relief Beads will serve as a symbol that you care and are committed to providing relief to people less fortunate than you. The Relief Beads bracelet was handmade by local people in Africa, so each and every bracelet is unique in its own particular way. We may not always have the opportunity to change things in our world that need changing, but this is your opportunity to provide change to a situation that truly needs changing.