Monday, December 07, 2009

Alice Dellal Squared.

Love this shoot with Alice Dellal, shot by Sam Crawford (styled by Zara Mirkin). Alice has amongst one of my favorite personal styles ever, and even tho Zara did a great job styling this shoot its not too far fetched from her day to day attire..

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Friday, December 04, 2009

Picture of the Day..

Magdalena Frackowiak.


From an article a few years ago that really caught my attention...

Check it out..Here

Twit Pic Vogue.

Steven Meisel's project for Vogue Italia... kinda corky.. Love that Gisele too part in it... more to come... cant wait to see Natasha Poly's...

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Voue Italia Meets Twitter.

The genius that is Steven Meisel did Vogue Italia's December cover with images of GISELE, Lara Stone, Christy Turlington, Kasia Struss and Natalia Vodianova all looking like the typical Twit Pic or Twitter default pictures... these pictures are actually self shot! I love the theme, but hate how it looks.. Still, cant wait to get my hands on this issue..

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

My VS Verdicts.

Ana Beatriz Barros - Classic
Anja Rubik - Best Fashion Body (personal love)
Sessilee Lopez - Best African American Model
Isabeli Fontana - Body Most Improved
Izabel Goulart - Best Walk
Edita Vilkeviciute - Best Editorial Girl
Alessandra Ambrosio - Best Face of VS (now)

Eugenia Volodina
Michelle Alves
Natasha Poly (duh)
Karolina Kurkova

The show was NOTHING without Gisele and Karolina K.. nothing. BUT with Anja in it, I did smile. I LOVE her... and didn't the girl who won the contest look identical to Rosie Huntington Whiteley? YES.

The shows lacking the LUXURY & Glamor that it once had, with the VERY BEST girls (who just so happen to cost more to book... No $$$$$, No Glamazon) The runway and the materials used on the outfits (most, but not all) proved that VS is on a HUGE budget cut ( Unlike Hermes sales up 10% during the "recession" ) They even cut the $5 Million Dollar bra down to $1 Mil..

Sad.. a show that I have on DVD's as gifts from friends ( THAT's how much I loved the shows ) I've stopped watching it with as much enthusiasm as I used too, and this year is the first year that since 2006 since I've watched it on TV on time.

blah blah the show was whatever &)% of the girls were whatever, and i was not liking the concert set up rather than front row being where it should be...

(The picture above is from my FAVORITE year of the show, 2002.. the girls really fucking OWNED the runway, Gisele was fucking MIND BLOWING... and when PETA stormed the stage she busted right threw them like they weren't even there, it was Ah-FUCKING-MAZING.)

Today's Dose.

From "Show Me" for Numero Korea
Model Snejana Onopka
Shot by Mariano Vivanco

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Super Trooper. Fucking Fabulous.

This shoot of Natasha Poly for MUSE is one of my FAVORITES EVER. I was just going to post an "Image of the Day" but I had to post the whole shoot. From the eye of Sølve Sundsbø and styled by Marie Chaix. Entitled "Super Trooper" there is nothing soft about this shoot, my favorite detail being the Geisha makeup applied to the back of her neck.. and the Chanel masked robber shirt..

Sorry I've been lagging lately, I have had a lot of doctors issues going on and have been sick. I'm slowly doing better, Thank God for Fashion, it's what keeps me going. I've also been super busy working on my jewelry line, soo happy about the progress I've made with the help of so many of my amazing friends and my family. Stay tuned for the launch of my website, doing a shoot with a great friend for the line in 2 weeks!

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Monday, November 30, 2009

RIP Daul Kim

So young, so tragic. Her personality was truly original and her artistic out look on life was so beautiful to see. I've been going through a lot lately, and thinking horrible things but I know deep down it's so worth the fight. RIP Daul.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

H&M Fall 2009 Sneak Peak.

Just a sneak peak of the Fall 2009 campaign for H&M. Chanel Iman, Masha Novoselova and Jessica Stam strike a pose for the retail giants holiday season campaign. Chanel and Masha shot by Thomas Klementsson and Jessica shot by Andreas Sjödin.

Gemma Ward leaves me speechless.

I've opt'd to posting two of my favorite cover's that Gemma Ward has done in the past rather than recently emerged pictures taken of the model shopping in NYC. Her career was such a whirlwind fantasy that it is so hard to believe that one of fashions darlings has decided to retire. But after recently seeing pictures of her, its no wonder why as she was obviously suffering from serious eating issues during the length of her career.

Her recent paparazzi pictures show her in her full figured skin and it's ALMOST as shocking as when I first learned that one of my personal favorite Victoria Secret girls was stricken with a serious thyroid problem (Karolina Kurkova) Her beauty was unmistakable (regardless of the constant comparisons to Sasha Pivovarova)and she was the first girl to start the "bug eye" trend in the modeling industry. I hope she finds the balance she was seeking when she made the decision to retire so early.. and hopefully some sort of a healthier looking weight balance as well.

Siri & Constance for BLACK.

Siri Tollerod & Constance Jablonski for BLACK Magazine shot by Michael Schwartz. Siri is soooooooo versatile, her ability to take on almost any character in each and every shoot I see her in earns her top markings in my book.
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Paint it BLACK.

Constance, Siri, Heidi and Hannah all shot by Michael Schwartz for Black Magazine.

Monday, October 05, 2009

I Spy Dior..

This Springs Dior collection is amazing, inspired by cinematic day dreams of Lauren Bacall, a former client of the house. It reminds me of of a Spy Girl ala "Femme Noir-esk", super sleek & sexy, sophisticated and powerful yet girly. From the python platform wedges to the structured waist jackets.. This collection is 110% ready to wear, which is so rare for the typical RTW collections from Mister Galliano..

The play on lingerie and the Spies trusty trench coat, is one the of main reasons I love this collection. John is pure genius, who never ceases to amaze me.. Feminine and fabulously executed this line is sure to please Dior's clients as well as shine editorially.

The gowns from this collection oozed the typical sex appeal of Dior, meshing a flesh pink corset and a long draped mint green sequin-sprinkled skirt, a chantilly smothered basque and black ruffled skirt, and a vamp red satin gown.. Capturing the romantic essence of Dior couture while making it RTW.


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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Caught My Eye...

Edita Vilkeviciute has officially caught my eye.. I'll be watching the girl.. shes got the stems of an orchid and the bone structure of a dream..

"Obsessed" with Natasha Poly

Another sneak peak at Natasha Poly's shoot for Muse shot by Riccardo Tisci entitled "Obsessed". I'll soon be receiving my own, Special Edition copy of this fabulous issue of Muse, straight from Paris. My best friend who lives in Paris, assigned her little brother whom I also love, to snatch me a copy of it while Natasha was at the store doing a signing. I'm sooo excited to see the whole issue.

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Freja's Too Cool for School

Freja Beha Erichsen for Numero shot by Josh Olins.. Too Cool for School..

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Picture of the Day..

I can not wait to see this issue.. How fabulous is this cover with Karlie Kloss and Rianne ten Haken, shot by Meisel..

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Runway to the Sea. Proenza Schouler Sp 2010

The boys of Proenza Schouler brought a whimsical look to the runway, with a fresh and young ocean inspired collection for Spring 2010. From amazing tie-dyes that resemble fish in the sea to a play on the board shorts turned into pants. Great tailored jackets provided a hint of sporty-ness while the tank dresses, shirt dresses (super super SHORT) and colorful baby dolls evoked a fun and flirty feeling..

Shoes were super cute wedge-heel woven sandals that almost looked like waves or fish.. I thought the collection was super cute and loved the use of colors mixed with the masculinity of the board short inspired pants.. and Lazaro and Jack aren't too hard on the eyes either..

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Lanvin Spring RTW 2010

Alber Elbaz's Spring collection was one of the most amazing shows of the season. With an amazing play on textures, draping and sheer brilliance. The show took place in an industrial space on the out skirts of Paris, with a runway that was said to have been the longest ever. There was an abundance of colors like pink, salmon, peach, and vermilion as well as a dash of extraordinary fine leather and of course the staples of black and gray.

Accessories were STUNNING. From the BEAUTIFUL rope snakes, the large bib necklaces and gigantically over sized chains there necklaces were nothing short of AMAZING with bracelets equally as fabulous. Pops of color and drama from the jewelry pulled the looks of the collection together full circle for me..

Purses and shoes were elegant, and not super over the top, jewel encrusted clutches and smaller hand bags. Shoes were kept simple with anklet details in black & python as well as black and nude leather. They didn't seem as high as most shoes on the runway as of current, which wasn't bad, but would have made this collection even more mind boggling for me..

Lanvin has always been one of the most expensive looking houses for me, the sense of Parisian style and elegance reminds me of what my definition of real glamor is..

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Reign of Balmain.. Spring 2010..

Balmain, Balmain, Balmain. I die every season. The Spring 2010 show just took place today at 3:oo pm in Paris at the Intercontinental Paris Le Grand Hotel. This season the collection reminded me of a reference to Joan of Arc and "dirty battle fields ancient" Greece, especially with the seemingly makeup free models sent down the runway with wind swept hair.

The house took a drastic turn from 80's Glitz to a more grungy dirty glam look.. Shoes seem to be reminiscent of Alexander Wang's boots from his Fall 2009 collection.. The strong shoulders are still present, which I LOVE and the pieces are still shiny slam via lamé & shiny black leather as well as sequins.

Jackets retained the strong shoulders and jeans that were acid washed and ripped last season are now either muted in tone or full length metallic.. and there's the addition of cut off denim short shorts as well..

In my personal opinion "Balmainia" as some are calling it (due it the double in sales since 2006)) is a clear indicator of what today's fashion lovers are going gaga over.. From the $2,000 jeans to the $9,900 jackets its no wonder why I still wonder if there's still a "financial crisis" or not.. for me.. there isn't one.. and if I were a girl, I'd be in the hospital with "Balmain-ia"..

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