Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fun nights and 2nd chances..

so alot has been going on since the last time i blogged.. god, getting used to doing things daily is something i really need to get into the habit of doing..

let ssee..
tonite.. Garret, Chloe and I saw it was super cool.. and super funny.. we were suppose to go to to celebrate Jose's birthday.. but Ive got work tomorrow (yay, I was rehired.. 2nd chances are the most amazing thing..)
Yesterday we went to Garrets house and had dinner at the City Walk at

and then Saori, Chloe and I went to...

and the day before that.. was maddness.. the power was out in my area for almost 36 hours.. so Chloe and I celebrated by drinking some champ and eating strawberries by flashlight.. and laughing all night.. but during the day Chloe was at some cool block party and Garret saved me from the darkness by taking me to hang out at his place, and then grab a glass of wine at the Abbey.. (isnt he such a cool friend.. i <3him)

the day before that Juan and Ralphie and I went to the Abbey and Here.. the night was a bust.. Chloe went to Play and LAX...

and that was basically a sum up of my memorial day weekend... i had thought of individual titles for each day.. but you know id rather just blurt them all out.. and try and tell myself ill start doing daily updates on a regular basis... =P