Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gemma Ward leaves me speechless.

I've opt'd to posting two of my favorite cover's that Gemma Ward has done in the past rather than recently emerged pictures taken of the model shopping in NYC. Her career was such a whirlwind fantasy that it is so hard to believe that one of fashions darlings has decided to retire. But after recently seeing pictures of her, its no wonder why as she was obviously suffering from serious eating issues during the length of her career.

Her recent paparazzi pictures show her in her full figured skin and it's ALMOST as shocking as when I first learned that one of my personal favorite Victoria Secret girls was stricken with a serious thyroid problem (Karolina Kurkova) Her beauty was unmistakable (regardless of the constant comparisons to Sasha Pivovarova)and she was the first girl to start the "bug eye" trend in the modeling industry. I hope she finds the balance she was seeking when she made the decision to retire so early.. and hopefully some sort of a healthier looking weight balance as well.