Tuesday, December 01, 2009

My VS Verdicts.

Ana Beatriz Barros - Classic
Anja Rubik - Best Fashion Body (personal love)
Sessilee Lopez - Best African American Model
Isabeli Fontana - Body Most Improved
Izabel Goulart - Best Walk
Edita Vilkeviciute - Best Editorial Girl
Alessandra Ambrosio - Best Face of VS (now)

Eugenia Volodina
Michelle Alves
Natasha Poly (duh)
Karolina Kurkova

The show was NOTHING without Gisele and Karolina K.. nothing. BUT with Anja in it, I did smile. I LOVE her... and didn't the girl who won the contest look identical to Rosie Huntington Whiteley? YES.

The shows lacking the LUXURY & Glamor that it once had, with the VERY BEST girls (who just so happen to cost more to book... No $$$$$, No Glamazon) The runway and the materials used on the outfits (most, but not all) proved that VS is on a HUGE budget cut ( Unlike Hermes sales up 10% during the "recession" ) They even cut the $5 Million Dollar bra down to $1 Mil..

Sad.. a show that I have on DVD's as gifts from friends ( THAT's how much I loved the shows ) I've stopped watching it with as much enthusiasm as I used too, and this year is the first year that since 2006 since I've watched it on TV on time.

blah blah the show was whatever &)% of the girls were whatever, and i was not liking the concert set up rather than front row being where it should be...

(The picture above is from my FAVORITE year of the show, 2002.. the girls really fucking OWNED the runway, Gisele was fucking MIND BLOWING... and when PETA stormed the stage she busted right threw them like they weren't even there, it was Ah-FUCKING-MAZING.)