Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The $300Billion Dollar Lady in The September Issue.

With the New York premier happening as we speak, I couldnt help but make today's posting about the much awaited 'real life Devil Wear's Prada', The September Issue.
I can not wait to see this movie, Opening in New York on August 28th and in Los Angeles on September 11th.

I watched The Devil Wear's Prada ELEVEN times in theaters, and admit to buying two bootleg copies from Downtown and then the official DVD when it was released, and I'm not a movie person, I loved it that much. So my anxiety for the opening day of this film is even more insane.

I do wish, that the actual September of Vogue for this year had a better cover. Charlize Theron is looking a little lackluster and had a very unattractive look about her, I'm a little saddened by this choice. I do feel with the release of the movie that the cover should have been even more spectacular.

Thankfully, some of the issues editorials have been leaked and I can say that they are nothing short of fabulous. I will be posting some of them this week..