Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Balanced on Balenciaga's...

With Balenciaga being one of my top picks for shoes, as far as shoes from a design house, I couldn’t help but write my first posting about the shoes that I'm currently obsessed with. Nicolas Ghesquière's Fall 09 collection was a mix of beautifully draped silk skirts and amazingly tailored tops and jackets. I found it to be very soft and delicate but still strong and exuding some sort of masculine strength..

But back to the shoes, god the shoes, from the fabulously draped suede side sash to the rubber sole inserts and rounded arch at the heel, these shoes had so many different elements that were both feminine and masculine. The rounded heel arch gave the shoe a very unique profile while the suede sash added a touch of feminine delicacy. The rubber used on the sole of the shoe looks as if it would provide the lucky girl wearing them with added traction and perhaps added comfort for extended wear during a night out.

My favorite out of the collection is most definitely the suede cage bootie with the side sash and second being the knit jersey bootie, in any of the color selections. Another option is the suede and stingray sandal which is cute with the skirts while I feel like the bootie would be best paired with a skinny pant or leggings, but shit, I'd wear them with almost anything.. You will most definitely be seeing future postings featuring amazing shoes from Balenciaga, ever since Ghesquière's creative take over of the house, I have been nothing short of enraptured with each and every new collection.

ALSO I'll be doing Shoes & Shows on Sundays and Talk Talk Tuesdays. Alexander Wang's bio would normally be seen on Tuesdays and this entry seen on Sundays, but since I just recently decided to make this change I decided to improvise.

(Original images from Style.com and Models.com)