Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bringing Glossy Back..

So after a long time of not posting, I've decided to resume Glossy and bring it back to a regularly updated spot to check out the latest and the greatest (in my opinion) in Fashion, Personal Style, Models, Photography and MUST have items on the net.

Currently I'm also working on a jewelry line, Persnickety, which I'm SOO excited about along with a book that I'm working on in my spare time. I decided to keep all of the old postings on Gloosy rather than starting fresh because there are tons of fabulous images, and tons of opinions..

The way I'll be updating with be as follows...

Model Mondays, where I'll be highlighting New Faces along with recent work, including editorial shoots and runway shows, done by the amazing models that rule the industry.

Talk Talk, Tuesdays I'll be discussing anything from current fashion news to bio's on designers and fashion insiders or showcasing art exhibits, or even social events in LA or whatever city I happen to be in, basically since Sunday is the 'day of rest' it'll basically be a day of me, covering whatever I want, haha..

Want It Wednesdays, where I'll showcase some of the current Must Have Items, or just items I think everyone shouldnt be without. Including fashion (duh), accessories, skin care and electronics.

Take My Picture Thursdays, where I'll highlight up and coming photographers, amateur photographers that I adore or perhaps even random pictures I take..

Fabulous Fashion Fridays, this ones obvious, but just incase your running on low, I'll be giving you highlights of current collections, shows and installations from all over the world, or showcasing couture collections we all wish we had in our closets.

Street Scene Saturdays, I'm really looking forward to this set of updates because I feel like so much inspiration is found on the streets, I'll be showing the trickle of fashion's trends from the runways, to the celebs and fianlly to the streets. I always love peoples translatations of what they see on the runway and how it fits into their own personal style.

Shoe & Show Sex, Sundays. Where I'll be highlighting my two favorite things about the industry, Shoes and Shows. Current shows, old shows, all about shows that I love.. And what can I say about shoes, their one of my passions, I'll be sharing new shoes, old shoes, whatever shoes are HOT.

So there we have it.. a rough outline of the format in which I'll be updating the blog that I was once so in love with. Along with the occasional rant of entry here and there.. Never abandoned, just got sidetracked.. And I'm looking forward to whatever may come of it, even if I'm the only reader, haha..

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